LEMON TREE – Lemon Tree – Pre Rolls – 3.5g Pack – 16.5% THC

Creme De Canna Collective
16.50 %


Lemon Tree is known for some of the most unique terpene profile flavor in the world. Lemon Tree will make your pallete water. Lemon Tree comes from humble beginnings as a strain grown by passionate farmers in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Since then, the Lemon Tree name has come to be known worldwide for our loud lifestyle and excellent cannabis. Lemon Tree is a one of a kind cannabis strain. The result of over a decade of experience and practice in developing products, Lemon Tree represents the absolute highest quality, created through the most responsible means. Lemon Tree believes what you get out is what you put in. By never using pesticides or harmful chemicals, they allow the complex terpene profile to be naturally highlighted. Lemon Tree process also creates a smooth and tasty smoke. Lemon Tree only uses the best ingredients to grow the absolute best cannabis. Its what Lemon Tree is know for…and its who they are….Norcal Temptations does NOT play with fire…WE HAVE THE FIRE!!!!!!


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